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Music is an essential part of my daily life, and I believe that it is so for many people. I can't leave the house without my earphones as I listen to music everywhere I go!

I find it important to have good quality earphones, and I am so glad to be given the opportunity to try out Sudio Earphones! Sudio Sweden is a lifestyle brand which makes elegant earphones and offers studio quality sound at an affordable price.

There are currently 3 models that you can choose from- VASA, KLANG, and TVA.

1. VASA- priced at $110. (This model is one of Sudio's premium models)

"VASA is one of Sudio's premium models, to which a new generation 10.2 mm driver has been developed. The new driver is our best so far. The user is now able to hear every detail, in every instrument, in every song, giving a unique unforgettable sound experience."

KLANG- priced at $75.

"One cord has been designed to be longer than the other. The longer cord receives support from the user's neck to prevent the earphones from being pulled out. The stay-in-ear feature also lets the user wear Klang as an accessory."

TVA- priced at $55. (This model is also the cheapest model)

"TVA has an extremely light weight construction, making the earphones easy and comfortable to wear. The earphones, despite its light weight construction, drives a powerful 14.2 mm dynamic driver which is perfectly tuned for music lovers."

Out of the 3 models, the model I chose was the VASA model (Pink). I just couldn't resist getting the pink one as it was so pretty and it caught my eyes right away! 

It also comes with a genuine leather pouch which makes it convenient to bring your earphones around!
This picture shows everything they provide in the box. (Photo credits to Sudio Sweden)

I've been using their earphones for several weeks now, and I am still impressed by its quality! Thank you Sudio Sweden for sending me these earphones! I highly recommend that you get Sudio earphones if you are looking for new ones. 

As Valentine's day is coming soon, why not get a pair of new Sudio Earphones for you and your partner? Hurry visit their online store and give them a try! 

Don't forget to quote "Lynn.belle" for a 15% discount when you cart out! Happy shopping friends :)

Visit their online store:

Thank you!

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