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Hey friends, I'm back with another sponsored post!
So today, I will be writing about my experience with NailedYouGood (also known as Belle) :) 
It was a pretty good experience for my very first manicure and the staff were also very nice.

So when I first entered the shop, I was greeted with warm smiles and they also prepared a cup of tea for me to drink as they did my nails. I chose a gellish manicure because it lasts longer (about 3 weeks to 1 month) as compared to a classic manicure (usually lasts about 1 week before it starts to chip!!!). I chose the design beforehand but because the colour didn't really suit me, they were more than willing to customise the design according to my style!

During the first part of the session, they did my cuticles, corrected my nail shape (I chose the square shape), and buffed my nails. The manicurist, Alda, was experienced and she also made me feel comfortable by talking to me haha. 

During the second part of the session, another manicurist, Rachel, helped me paint my nails and also did the nail art (which is really pretty btw!!). The colours that I chose for my nail design were baby pink (328), and silver (151). I also chose a ribbon charm. :) 

Rachel was not only very talented but she was also friendly and welcoming. 

This was the original design that I chose (Photo credits to @nailedyougood). 
Although it was already very pretty, Rachel managed to customise the design to suit my style and made it even prettier hehe :) 

Overall I am very satisfied with my very first manicure experience with NailedYouGood!! 
The manicurists are very professional and they also provide extrememly good service! 

They are currently having a PROMOTION!!! 
30% off for all gel services! Bring a friend and both of you get 50% off!! 
So hurry and whatsapp 9699 8832 to book your appointment today!! 

Also, follow them @NailedYouGood and @Belle_fep for more updates! 

That's all for today, until next time lovelies! ❤️

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