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Hey guys how's your day going? :)
Anyway, today I'll be writing about my trip to Blackoutsg's store and also the sandals that I got from them!
So, I visited Blackoutsg's store a few days ago and I was pretty amazed at how organised their shop was haha!
They organised their straps and soles based on colour, which I feel would make it very efficient to make the shoes for their customers on the spot!


The shop owner was very kind and she also made me feel very comfortable by giving me time to choose the model I wanted. :)
In the end I went with the Zan model, with grey soles and white straps.


The shoes are very comfortable to wear and it feels like you're wearing slippers but they look much better than slippers so you can wear them to town haha! :D
Their shoes are not only comfortable and flexible, but they are also durable, waterproof and non-slip! Perfect for this rainy season! ☔️
They also have a wide variety of models and colours to choose from, and all their shoes are customizable to suit your own unique style! ✨
Here are some pictures of me wearing these amazing sandals!


This festive season, Blackoutsg is also having a 1 for 1 PROMOTION for their shinori models!

So hurry and visit their store today located at City Plaza Shopping Mall #1-99.
Shop through their online website
Also enter "SHIPMEFREE" when you shop on their online website to enjoy free shipping within Singapore!


You can also find Blackoutsg on ZALORA!
That's all from me today, happy shopping lovelies!

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